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Shifter are a now defunked band who used to play what they liked to term 'music' to unsuspecting audiences around the Thames Valley in the early 2000s. This site contains three tracks recorded during the late 90s , plus a few random remixes. Others of varying competence exist.

All music copyright: Mark Horswill/PaulFellows




Creative overlord Mark Horswill. 

Guitars: Mark Horswill, Simon Banbury

A bit of bass: Michelle Spurr

Vocals: Paul Fellows, Esther Thackery and Trish Ridell.

Drums: Lisa Methven.

'Runners' guitars and vocals recorded onto a tape recorder in a bedroom, Reading, 1997. Wrong Faces' & 'Back For More' recorded at Nelson Lane Studios, Bracknell, March 1998. 

Shifter - The Unauthorised Autobiography.

"To her credit Esther found her feet quickly and was soon using them to get to rehearsals."

Should you wish to know more about this openly enigmatic band, a biography of Shifter is available as a pdf file (see top right). The band would like to make it clear that it was written by a 'hanger on' and most of them had nothing to do with it. None  of the views or the more lurid or wildly inaccurate claims made in this account represent their own version of reality; or whatever they could manage at the time.

The biography is eighteen lavishly illustrated sides of A4, containing around ten years of closely compressed jokes taken from websites, flyers, set lists and sleeve notes from the band's timeout of the limelight. It comes heavily recommended as it represents a concentration of lots of what we thought was silly and funny material that arose a long and creative period of time.

Thank you for listening. Shifter retain the right to remain silent.

Shifter - The Unauthorised Autobiography.

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